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Butterfly Kisses Nursery School


Hi! Great site. Its so nice to be able to Emma at school even when granny lives so far away. Hazel says she is so happy there. Keep up the great work!!!

Lauren Pilz
Thank you Lee and the Butterfly Kisses staff for taking such good care of Alyssa during the day,you are all such a blessing i know that she is in good hands.Lauren.

Hi everyone,
Just want to say THANK YOU to everyone, especially to baby class. Chandré is a changed baby since being with you guys. BEST thing I could have done for her was sending her to Butterfly Kisses! Any mommy can leave her baby there with confidence. :D

Alicia davis
Hi all my daughter attended butterfly kisses 5 years ago and I couldn't be happier with how she has turned out she had wonderful teachers thank you for moulding my daughter into the amazing young lady she is :D

Jacqui & Ralphy
Thank you to the whole butterfly kisses team for looking after nunu with so much love and care. There's just no better creche than butterfly kisses!!! LOVE YOU TEACHER LEE!!!!!

Hello all at Butterfly Kisses.
Thank-you for making Mia's 1st birthday such a special one xoxo

Hi All
Thanks for all the pics it is wonderful. Great to see that Fabio is having lots of fun.
The new website is fabulous.
keep up the great work,

My kids, Alexis/Cassandra/Haileigh, really loves it at Butterfly Kisses. They get the opportunity to become dirty and play with sand and mud. Sometimes we are so worried about the clothes being dirty, that we forget how we used to play. Thanks Lee and all the teachers for letting them be kids, but also learning in the process!

Hi All at butterfly kisses :D
i was really hopeless because i had to start working again and just could not find an appropriate school for Hailleigh! i went to many and many of schools and I cannot tell you how happy I am i found you!!!! Cant wait till Hailleigh starts ;)im going to miss her like crazy but atleast i wont have to stress! look forward to sharing special moments with all you guys and my baby girl xxx

Cindy Mulder
Thank you for everything. I can already see how Eli has developed the last two months. It makes me happy to see how happy Eli is at school

Alicia Davis
Dearest leigh it was lovely to see pics of alexia when she was at butterfly kisses you guys did a wondefull job with her she loved going to creche everyday and still talks about it today so from the other side of the pond in the Uk thank you for all the good times and wonderful time you guys gave her :D

Hello everyone at Butterfly Kisses
I cannot wait for my little 9 month old baby boy, Tyler to start on Monday.
I am sure he will be so so happy at his new school.
The school is beautiful and all the staff is so friendly and welcoming.
Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Love the new website! Great job. Also, love all the pics you take, thank you for posting them up so we can see what our little munchkins get upto during the day

Thank you for all the lovely pics. Its great to see what they get up to during the day. People at work are really impressed with the website.

Love the photos of our little ones! Thank you Butterfly Kisses

Absolutely love all the pics! Always good to see what our kids get up during the day. The only creche that I know of that does this. Keep them coming

Kirsten Lodge
Thanks for all the pics you put on. I love to look at them.

Jennifer Dos Santos
Hello. Love all the pictures, glad to see my little one is having a great time at school.

Butterfly Kisses Nursery School

4 Croton Road, Primrose 
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